1) How is Andersen PTA is funded?  Andersen PTA receives funds in three primary ways
100% of Sponsor and Pledge Donations
-Andersen Strong PTA Sponsorship, September
-Jogabunga Student Pledges, November 
-Net Proceed Donations
Andersen PTA benefits from the net proceeds of the following items after all costs are deducted:
Book Fair, School Play, School Supplies, Food Trucks, Yearbook and Spiritwear.
-PTA Membership Fees
Most of your $15.00 Member Fee directly benefits Andersen students. PTA contributes a small portion, per member, to support Public Education and Child Advocacy initiatives at the local, district, state and national level.
-National $2.25 + State $2.00 + District $0.60 + Local Council $0.40 = $5.25
PTA Members have the opportunity to attend meetings to contribute to the direction of Andersen programs and to vote on how funds are allocated throughout the school.
2) Why is fundraising necessary?
Since the enactment of Proposition 13, California has faced substantial declines in school funding. Currently, California ranks 49th out of 50 states in spending per student (based on Education Week’s January 2013 “Quality Counts” report). NMUSD students are educated on nearly $10,000 less per student per year than some of the affluent East Coast and Midwest districts and $1,000 less than the median spending per student in other top-performing school districts across the country (after adjusting for salary differences).

Andersen PTA helps to address the gap between what Port Street families want for their children andwhat public funds can provide for students.

3) Why does PTA fundraise every year? How much do you need per child?
Andersen PTA relies on a $260 donation, per student, per year, to maintain existing programs and to continue to raise the bar each year. Historically, only 40% of parents donate, therefore we rely on the generosity of the few to support the school as a whole.
For those who donate, thank you in advance for your contribution.
For those who are unable to donate, please consider passing along the “Andersen Strong” Sponsorship materials to a local business you feel may benefit from brand exposure in our influential neighborhood and may be willing to make a tax-deductible donation.
4) Why is it necessary for both Andersen PTA and Andersen DEANS to fundraise?
PTA and DEANS are separate organizations who partner together in a joint effort to elevate our children’s education above basic public school requirements. In general, PTA funds a “high number of lower cost” initiatives, such as Math Materials, Library Books, Teacher Training, Field Trips, Assemblies, Art and Music programs.
DEANS consolidates funds to support a “lower number of higher cost” items, such as Chrome Books and Scholar Rotation Teacher Salaries.
Both groups are equally vital to the success of Andersen students.
5) How do I donate? 
It’s easy! There’s a few ways to securely donate.
– Go to the Andersen “Store” at  www.myschoolanywhere.com 
– Go to the donate button