Language Programs

By Let’s Learn Spanish!  ¡Aprendamos Español!

  •    Andersen After-School Spanish, 
  •    Open to students in Grades 1 – 3 (Wednesdays)
  •    Open to students in Grades 3 – 6 (Mondays)
  •    NEW!! Open to students in Kindergarten – (Wednesdays)
  •    Fall/Winter and Spring Sessions
  •    ROOM: located between library and 1st grade classroom.
  •    FEE $145, make check payable to Andersen DEANS  


¿Por qué? Why?  It’s fun!
Play games, hear stories, move, sing, do art, sample food……and all of this while learning Spanish!
This is an opportunity to enrich our wonderful educational experience at Andersen. The program is designed for elementary school students who are interested in learning conversational Spanish as a foundation for studying foreign language in junior high and high school. It is an engaging, activity-rich program which gives students the opportunity to develop an ear for Spanish, acquire vocabulary, learn about different cultures and expand their horizons.

Classes are taught by Araceli Justiniani and Linda Ogawa experienced bilingual educators. Join the fun now: Space is limited! Register online by going to the Andersen School website and following the links there for after school programs. For more info, contact Araceli Justiniani: